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Financial Affairs Highlights

Main management financial indices can be viewed.

Download data for the year to May 2017 [Excel format: 14 KB]

  Unit Year to May 2013
(27th Period)
Year to May 2014
(28th Period)
Year to May 2015
(29th Period)
Year to May 2016
(30th Period)
Year to May 2017
(31st Period)
Annual Revenue Million Yen 33,35738,22139,50648,51152,949
Ordinary Profit Million Yen 1,2281,272997659324
Current term Net Profit Million Yen 9583692273827
Total Assets Million Yen 23,77424,87924,22525,66724,540
Net Assets Million Yen 4,4595,6285,8116,2375,900
Current term Net Profit per share Yen 127.7346.5525.3142.440.85
Net Assets per share Yen 573.12602.87619.07602.33589.71

* The current term net income per share and net assets per share prior to the year to May 2013 (27th Period) have been revised to reflect the 1:100 stock split exercised in December 2013.

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