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Financial Highlight (Consolidated)

Main management financial indices can be viewed.

Download data for the year to May 2022 [Excel format: 15 KB]

  Unit Year to May 2018
(32nd Period)
Year to May 2019
(33rd Period)
Year to May 2020
(34th Period)
Year to May 2021
(35th Period)
Year to May 2022
(36th Period)
Net sales Million Yen 54,56251,72851,03052,32451,608
Operating Profit Million Yen 1,1796401,0341,2461,520
Ordinary Profit Million Yen 1,0925901,0231,2881,517
Profit attributable to owners of parent Million Yen -2823577426447
Total Assets Million Yen 24,26524,21725,20624,72423,746
Net Assets Million Yen 5,6245,6195,9466,3316,699
Earnings per share Yen -3.192.5561.1145.8347.99
Net Assets per share Yen 585.97572.74613.20646.66684.20
  • Net sales
  • Operating Profit
  • Ordinary Profit
  • Profit attributable to owners of parent
  • Total Assets
  • Net Assets
  • Earnings per share
  • Net Assets per share